Chablis- A unique territory and terroir


Chablis, one of the 5 wine-producing regions in Bourgogne

Located in the French department of Yonne, at an equal distance from Paris and Beaune, the Chablis vineyard lies in the northern part of Bourgogne. The Chablis appellation is known throughout the world and is admired by casual wine drinkers and connoisseurs alike.

The richness of Chablis wines is the result of the combination of a unique soil and a specific climate, a highly-esteemed grape variety and the work and expertise of all those involved. Its mineral overtones and wonderful freshness provide it with what can only be described as elegance and purity.

Did you know that Bourgogne is the birthplace of Chardonnay?

The only grape variety permitted in the entire Chablis vineyard is Chardonnay. Even though this grape is known and revered throughout the world, its expression through the soil, the climate and the expertise of the Chablis winegrowers is unique and incomparable.

Bourgogne is the only wine-growing region in the world that can legitimately claim the notions of Climats and lieux-dits, which are inseparable from its terroir, a founding element of the reputation of its wines. Climats and lieux-dits are the very expression of the construction of the Bourgogne vineyard and its appellations. They are the basis of its history, its landscapes, its economy and its expertise. It was about time that they return to the central position they deserve!

A specific soil, a perfectly suited climate, winegrowers who are passionate about their profession – these are the key elements which shape this unique, elegant and noble wine.

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