David Burke’s Tested and Approved Tasty Imagination

Blurring the lines between chef, artist, entrepreneur, and inventor, David Burke stands out as one of the most imaginative chefs in the culinary industry.

DRY-AGED patent No. 7,998,517 B2

Few great ideas make it all the way, but in the case of Chef Burke’s unique dry-aging beef process using Himalayan salt, the darn tasty results speak for themselves. Chef Burke was recently awarded a U.S. patent for his unique vision to infuse subtle salt flavors into meat as it naturally dries, resulting in perfectly marbled, tender beef.

Primehouse in Chicago was the first restaurant to not only feature these dry-aged steaks on the menu but also actually build its own aging room lined with Himalayan salt tiles. The salt- tiled aging room at Primehouse can hold 100 to 120 kilograms of beef at a time. While the salt does add flavor to the meat, it’s main purpose is to help purify the room and inhibit bacteria growth so you don’t find that fuzzy blue-green mold seen in most aging boxes.

Executive Chef Rick Gresh gives some insight into the technique and method. “It helps draw moisture out of the beef and infuses the room with positive ions,” explains Gresh. “The salt is as organic as it gets. It was left behind when the glaciers melted approximately 250 million
years ago. It contains 84 trace minerals—the same 84 minerals of which the human body is composed.”

While Gresh admits that meat is a matter of personal preference, he does have a recommendation to a first-time diner of their dry-aged steaks. “I happen to think the sweet spot is 40 to 55 days,” he says, adding: “I would definitely say we have a steak for everyone. For example, if you just don’t like gamey flavors and blue cheese, then the 75-day and older is not for you, because those are the flavors you find in that steak. I would suggest a younger one. The 40-day offers a really pure, rich beef flavor, while the 55-day is big beef flavor with just a nudge of game and sweet funk.”

While most places that offer dry-aged meat age only 18 to 21 days, Primehouse offers a week more. “The 28-day is our entry point of dry- aging.” The regular menu features 28, 40, 55 and 75 days for the rib eye, with specials up to 140 days. “We have aged for as long as 206 days!”

At only 15 calories, it would be hard to image a salad dressing this good without Chef Burke at the helm as chief culinary advisor! Featuring six flavors—blue cheese, honey French, creamy Italian, ranch, Caesar, and thousand island— the real magic about this versatile dressing is in the ingredients list, where there are no chemicals to be found—only simple and real ingredients.

Its creator, New York investor, entrepreneur, and healthcare venture capitalist Jimmy Lee, visualized SkinnyEats as a revolutionary brand due to taste and practicality. The dressings can be used on salads, with appetizers and hors d’oeuvres, as a veggie dip, or even as a sandwich spread.

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