Executive Chef Ryder Zetts’ Favorite Summer Meal

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HauteLife recently discussed favorite summer meals with Executive Chef Ryder Zetts of Archetype.

What is your favorite summer meal? “My favorite summer meal is something with a light seafood preparation. Sand Dabs, sautéed on the bone with lemon and brown butter, along with a light salad of Forni-Brown Garden mixed greens with tomatoes is pretty much what I consider to be a perfect night.”


Sand Dabs (or Pacific Sand Dabs) are a species of flatfish and are generally considered to be the most common. It is quite popular in Northern California and can be found in restaurants in Monterey Bay and the San Francisco areas. Sand Dabs are usually a lightweight fish, weighing between half a pound and a pound. Due to their size, it can be quite difficult to fillet them. Because their diet consists of crustaceans, the result is that they have a sweet and soft texture making them quite mild. When possible, try to purchase the fish fresh and whole, and have your fishmonger clean them for you and be sure to enjoy them within a day or two of purchase.

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