Grilling with Executive Ryder Zetts

HauteLife recently discussed grilling with Executive Chef Ryder Zetts of Archetype.

Tell us about your favorite grilling techniques. “I love to treat the grill as a plancha, luckily the grill bars are close together so we can grill items that are small.  In the spring, we threw sugar snap peas onto the grill raw and charred them lightly for a first course.  Cooking vegetables without water gives you a different dimension of flavor than what we’re accustomed to. The grill imparts a lot of smoke flavor in a short amount of time.  We use the grill instead of sauté pans for a lot of different items.  We wilt spinach, grill onions, melon, snap peas, peaches, sardines, squid, meats, fish but vegetables and fruits are the most exciting application of the grill.”

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