Yields 10 portions


2 pints figs

2 vanilla pods

Cinnamon stick

375 ml Sauternes

1 cup sugar

4 sheets gelatin

1 wheel Reblochon cheese

Two 2 x 1.5-foot acetate film


Cut the figs in quarters and place them in a sauce pot. Add scraped vanilla pods, cinnamon, sweet wine, and sugar. Top with a little water, if needed. Cook until the figs are cooked.

Place the gelatin sheets in ice water then, when soft, add them to the syrup. Swirl until homogeneous.

Split one wheel of Reblochon cheese in half, ending with two half rounds split-side up. Wrap them with 2-inch acetate film.

Place the figs around the top of the cheese. Pour some syrup over, and chill until the gelatin has set.

Slice like a cake and serve.


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