Colin Cowie Celebrations repertoire runs the gamut. From a $25 million hotel opening boasting the world’s largest pyrotechnics display in the history of fireworks to an intimate wedding for 20 on the beach, the same principles apply. “We are a very motivated and dedicated team. The busier we are, the happier we are. There is no detail too small. And, most important, we can work with any reasonable budget, whether its A Team Cowie or a Signature event. I don’t believe there is anyone out there who can provide the same top-tier service with our range of services and budgets. Our approach and care is deeply rooted in our firm belief that we are only as good as our last event.”

“You totally amaze me! What I most appreciated was the fact that you were there the entire time–from start to finish–no matter how many times you have been over it all, and how many boring meetings you attend. But the big picture is the fact you were present in all phases with us–the entire enchilada! No one does that, and that is why you are rocking best!”
—J. Goodman

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, and we have been fortunate enough to create a good variety. A wedding is such a personal experience that involves not only the couple, but both families. You have to be part planner, part negotiator, and part shrink! We have created everything from the simple barn wedding to the fully customized experience. We actually built an entire city in the desert once! We do them all with the same sense of style and sophistication that provides the Cowie touch.

“Thank you for everything you did to make the wedding one of the most memorable events in my life. Your team was magnificent and the event and weekend was exquisite. I know how hard you all worked to make it so perfect.”
—Victoria Monte

Arriving at a decision to get married is not something Colin or his team take lightly. They want to know all about the bride and groom. They want to understand who they are, where they came from, and what they are all about.
From identifying their favorite color to their least favorite flower, what they like to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon to their ideal vacation destination—Colin’s team creates a window into their world. And to that they add the uniqueness of the venue. “Give us the time of the year and the time of the day together with the couple’s personality and the venue, and now we begin to have a really good idea of what to do!”

From there, they send the couple on a homework assignment: Pull together images of things they like and dislike. “Then we take all these ideas and put on our editing caps. This is how we tell each story, weaving the details of their lives into the very fabric of the gathering. “We usually find a place where we can incorporate most of the things that are personal to them. And then we bring it to life applying the approach that provides the sensory experience to our “living” production—scripting and dictating what you smell, touch, taste, feel, or hear.”

The fragrance of the flowers, a band playing, a menu that is reminiscent of a favorite meal the couple once enjoyed together. “Besides the ‘spectacle’ we compose, we are acutely aware of the service. People always remember the food and the service. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the tables are and how great the food is, if the service is not up to scratch, we fail on our overall promise—to deliver on all touch points.”

With a well-thought-out beginning, middle, and end, punctuated with careful nods to the senses that stir us, each wedding or party is a symphony of precision. “In an effort to keep things moving fluidly, we make a pact with each bride we work with that she will walk down the aisle no later than 15 minutes after the invitation time. We keep the cocktails to about 45 minutes, and then dinner to an hour and a half, including the speeches. That way, when you get to the dancing, no one has looked at his or her watch yet. No one is feeling bored or tired or drunk. Instead they are looking forward to the next couple of hours on the dance floor.”

“Milestone events, like weddings, are extremely personal as well. Whether a bat or bar mitzvah, a major birthday, or any other date that is meaningful to our clients, we help navigate the script to create a spectacular occasion. A coming-of-age event is usually a once-in-a-lifetime experience that deserves a significant memory to go with it. Capturing that moment in time and creating an indelible etching is an art form. We work with you and your family to make this the most personal, meaningful, and beautiful moment to celebrate with family and friends.”

“We do believe in giving back, and giving back for us means sharing our talents with those that work for a cause. Our services are available for larger nonprofit galas and our mission is simple: to apply the same sensibility, principles, and foundations as a retail business in order to create such an incredible event that even more guests will want to attend the following year. It’s a great way for us to help raise awareness and contribute to the cause.”

You and your team have been an incredible support to Lalela Project in our fundraising efforts. Not only are all of you exceptional at what you do, producing beautiful, inspiring events that are perfectly orchestrated, but you also manage to work within our limited budget. On top of all that, your role as auctioneer has helped us raise more than we ever anticipated!”

Colin is also personally committed to a number of philanthropic organizations supporting children, health care, and the arts, where he raises funds and awareness. He sits on the board of numerous charities and has acted as an ambassador, an auctioneer, a fundraiser, or simply a supporter who cares deeply about a cause.

Given their ability to operate on a top-notch level, Colin Cowie Celebrations has had the opportunity to plan some of the most spectacular events in the world.

“First, I have a whole new definition for what a ‘world class event’ really is… The difference between our event and every other I have ever experienced is summarized in one word:magic. I got the opportunity to see… a group of the most accomplished people I’ve ever met in my life come together… and build something great. For the rest of my career, anytime I get asked what made this one different, the answer will always be you.”
—Rehan Choudry, Director of Entertainment and Special Events The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

A grand opening is something we have to come to specialize in. They usually take over a year to plan and are spearheaded by a project manager along with a team that we build. We assemble the right people and pieces, and manage the entire process every step of the way.

We also work with many corporations on incentive events, executive retreats, major partner or stakeholder functions, and companies looking to launch or re-launch a brand. Our ability to help identify key branding opportunities throughout the event and introduce subtle ways of messaging has helped a host of companies ranging from automobile to tech companies successfully brand their experience, whether for employees or customers.
Colin reminisces about being commissioned by Oprah Winfrey to do her Legends Ball in 2005 in Santa Barbara, three days of celebration in honor of 20 African-American female icons in art, entertainment, and civil rights. “I would say this was one of the greatest events I ever worked on—not just because of the production value that we put into it, but because of the providence behind it. I have never been surrounded by so much greatness before.”

Colin cites the opening of the Atlantis Hotel and Palm Island in Dubai as an epic moment in Celebrations’ history. J.B. Miller, whose company, Empire Entertainment, worked closely with the Celebrations team for months on the launch, calls it “the event of the century.” There were several days of activities involving huge international talent, the largest fireworks display in the history of pyrotechnics, and a monumental high- definition projection on the facade of the Atlantis hotel towers. “I don’t know of anyone else in the world besides Colin and his Celebrations team who could have designed and created an event like this that was hosted by the UAE ruler Sheikh Maktoum and Sol Kerzer. It was attended by so many royal families and such a diverse range of celebrities, from the Rolling Stones and Oprah Winfrey to Michael Jordan and Robert De Niro.” Kylie Minogue performed, and Bollywood star and current Miss World Priyanka Chopra took on the role of the Queen of Atlantis.

With a host of partners and creatives in place to make it happen, production teams from the Middle East, and technical directors from London, Colin Cowie Celebrations and Empire Entertainment flawlessly pulled off the series of events without a hitch. “It’s a really good example of the kinds of things we have done together exceedingly well,” adds Miller.

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