No. 8: LDV’s Nightlife Redux

With John Meadow

Bungalow 8 was the Studio 54 of my lifetime. It’s Amy Sacco’s heart and soul, and you can’t necessarily recreate and confine it to four walls. But her history, her perspective, and her values are very much aligned with ours in doing the classics right. And that’s why we decided to do No. 8 in New York City—our way of offering that same Bungalow 8 experience to today’s audience. We represent old-school New York. We represent that throwback nightlife experience: an eclectic, magnetic, colorful energy that’s not so much about economics as a hodgepodge of interesting people coming together, where music is a critical component and the classics always have their place.

Taking Bungalow 8 on the road, allowing Amy to travel the world to bring that experience in the form of pop-ups, is another nod to the old world, to that fleeting glamour of the jet-setters. From the Cannes Film Festival to the Oscars, Venice Film Festival to Sundance, Amy throws the most fabulous parties all over the world. And when you know it’s not going to last, everyone indulges.

Meet Bobby Rossi
With a decade of experience in the industry, Bobby Rossi partnered with John Meadow to develop a nightlife portfolio for LDV Hospitality—a natural extension of the restaurant side. Together they created No. 8, the evolution of Bungalow 8 with Amy Sacco.

“It’s been fun to watch No. 8 evolve and come into its own,” says Rossi. “It’s a new type of nightlife that morphs into what the guests want to make of it, rather than being the type of place that imposes on guests.” And now No. 8 globe-trots with a lot of these guests in the form of a series of Bungalow 8 pop- ups at film festivals and award events. “We are now with our clientele when they at their highest point of celebrating. We are present in their lives outside of the club in New York.”

Amy Sacco is renowned for throwing the ultimate party for her guests in New York. Now she brings Bungalow 8 to the hottest events around the world.

Taking Bungalow 8 On The Road
We choose spaces and places that reflect our overall vibe of fun, frolic, and privacy. The most important ingredient is our team—and, of course, myself—as that is what the hardcore Bungalow 8 followers demand! I always keep it intimate with a top priority of privacy and discretion of my guests. We bring in our fab DJs and make it cozy and sexy, with great lighting and atmosphere, great food, flowing cocktails and Champagne, and amazing service!

It’s amazing to attend the events and festivals with all of our clients and friends. Who wouldn’t want to travel to glamorous destinations and party with their pals?

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