scottish salmon, sorre_opt

TRU – Chef Anthony Martin

Four 5-ounce portions of Scottish or king Salmon (skin removed)
salt and pepper
1 tablespoon grape seed oil 1 gallon olive oil

Season salmon fillets with salt and pepper. Turn oven on to 350°F.To prepare your olive oil bath, place a wire rack into a 12×12 pan. Fill with olive oil and set on stove top. Heat grape seed oil in a sauté pan. you will know when the pan is hot enough when light wisps of smoke rise from the pan. When sufficiently hot, sauté salmon filets skin-side down until skin side is golden brown. Immediately remove from heat and set aside. Drop salmon filets onto the wire rack so they are fully submerged. Place on top of the stove (not on a flame— the heat from the 350°F oven provides the correct amount of heat for the cooking process) until temperature Of the fillet reaches 105°F to 110°F on a meat thermometer (about 35 to 55 minutes). The fish will feel slightly warm to the touch. Note that the bath never gets hot and the color of the fish will not change as when baked. It will still be raw-looking, flaky and firm. When done, remove from bath and rest on napkins for 1 minute to drain oil. Serve immediately.

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