Unlike the game you played as a child, there is nothing left to chance with Ellen Weldon when it comes to the art of stationery and custom invitations. In fact, if you receive an invitation that she designed, don’t think twice— RSVP “yes,” because given Ellen’s clientele list, it’s going to be a good one!

“Working with Colin is a dream come true. He gives me very concrete design instructions and is the most creative planner I have ever met. I love his understanding of aesthetic and design, as well as his sense of fun!”
—Ellen Weldon

Ellen Weldon has been crafting one-of-a-kind invitations for over 30 years. As a child, she only ever failed one class–handwriting– and as a response dedicated herself to the art and tradition of calligraphy. She immersed herself in typography and lettering, designing the posters for her school’s drama club productions and handwriting her classmates’ names on diplomas.

After studying studio art at Smith College, Ellen took her portfolio and determination with her to New York and Cartier as their in-house calligrapher and illustrator. From Crane & Co. to Estée Lauder, she amassed a Rolodex of names and started her own company, Ellen Weldon Design, LLC. The rest, as they say, is history. Since her arrival on the scene, Ellen has been at the forefront of the invitation industry.

Every great invitation creates the excitement around the event and will tell you everything you need to know, down to what shoes to wear. “I have a client who works in the digital world and always felt formal invitations were archaic,” says Weldon. “But he has come to realize that opening the envelope and placing that card on the mantle is as much a part of the event’s theatrics as putting on a tuxedo or the departure of the married couple at the end of the evening.”

Ellen Weldon sources papers and decorative elements from around the globe to satisfy the tastes of her clients, whether for a social celebration or a corporate event. “I buy from Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Thailand, Japan, and all throughout Europe. There are whole villages in Nepal dedicated to making paper.” She mentions a paper mill she recently toured in Germany. “It was fascinating: machinery over 200 years old, tucked on the side of a river complete with a watermill. It was so quaint, and yet they produce some of the most elegant papers.”
For Ellen’s clients, the balance of beauty and innovation combined with elegant wording and sophisticated design is the ultimate beginning to their event. From simply chic to spectacular, Ellen’s work is “beyond!”

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