Spring To Loire! The Loire Valley Wines’ Day In NYC

HauteLife was delighted to attend this Loire Valley event, Spring to Loire! The Loire Valley Wines’ Day in May.

We learned quite a bit about the Loire Valley which is considered to be “the heart of France.” Not only is the region famous for its wine, but for its beauty, history and culture. The Loire Valley, as we discovered, has a number of very distinct wine regions including Pays Natais, Anjou, Saumur, Touraine, and Centre-Loire. Each region has its own grapes, appellations and styles.

The Loire Valley is by far France’s most diverse wine region, producing some truly excellent wines in a variety of styles, which explains why they have become enormously popular with sommeliers and wine writers in recent history. Some of the characteristics that make wines of the Loire Valley so popular are that they contain moderate alcohol, refreshing acidity and minereality, which makes them ideal food wines.

The key to ideal food wines, is that they should be paired with the ideal food. The event also clued us into how we should pair the proper wine to the proper meal.

  • Rosé wines are refreshing, full of flavor and are an excellent choice for barbecues, picnics or Asian cuisine.
  • Red wines range from fresh and fruity, to rich and earthy but are never overpowering. The lighter wines can be served at a summer barbecue, and fuller bodied can be paired with hearty dishes.
  • Sparkling wines are perfect for celebrations of any kind, but also scream “just for fun”
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