Traditions: In The Tea Launge

When you mention tea time, most people think about finger sandwiches and scones to accompany a steeping porcelain pot of tea. But way before the British made tea a civilized way to snack in the afternoon, the Chinese were performing their own version of it.

“Gong fu tea, or the Chinese tea service, is a traditional activity that showcases the art, elegance, and harmony of drinking tea,” explains Robert Jenny, Director of Food and Beverage. “It is a tranquil experience that focuses on relaxation, which is a nice contrast to the fast pace of Las Vegas.”
The presentation included the pouring of various temperatures of water into different cups to create a relaxing flow. “Essentially, this is a Chinese version of the British afternoon tea, which is also offered at a relaxed pace at the Tea Lounge, no rush involved.”
Monthly training sessions are conducted at the hotel to make sure the staff is able to discuss
all the healthful properties of the teas offered. “We want to be able to explain to our guests the differences between black versus green or white versus oolong, so they get the benefit of a personalized service.”
Signature teas for the hotel are created by an exclusive tea partner that specializes in handcrafted blends of whole-leaf teas. “They personalize the tea based on the preferences of the property. There were several iterations of the Mandarin Orange Blend before the right balance between mandarin and tea was achieved.”

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