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Executive Chef Kevin Linde
After leaving his culinary mark all around the Pacific Northwest, Chef Kevin Linde has settled in at Chanterelle, the fine dining restaurant at Pronghorn. The menu displays his passion for local, sustainable ingredients highlighted in an array of dishes from rustic to refined and always inspired by the Pacific Northwest and Central Oregon. Nestled among juniper trees on the edge of the Oregon Badlands Wilderness, Chanterelle’s pantry is filled with Oregon’s best ingredients. “We utilize a company called Agricultural Connections, who connect me with local farmers within a 100-mile radius, working with local purveyors from Imperial Stock Ranch for lamb to Clearhead for their excellent bison.” Food of place represents what Pronghorn is all about, and with “eyes wide open” to the possibilities around him, Chef Linde’s guests are able to indulge in what Oregon has to offer.

May 24th
Learn from Scratch Kids Cooking Class

Located just 15 miles outside of Bend, Windflower Farm is an ideal spot to introduce young chefs to where their food comes from. “The idea is for the children to go meet the farmer and the animals, see and touch the produce, and finally eat the finished dishes from the produce we pick.” Owned by Gigi Myers, Windflower Farm grows heirloom varieties of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and cut flowers, and raises laying hens, dairy goats, and heritage pigs.

August 27th
Juniper-Cured Salumi Class

Bend is known for its juniper trees. In fact, it is home to the second-largest growing area of junipers in the world. With a kitchen located literally in the heart of juniper forests, Chef Linde connects his quest for local ingredients with his passion for homemade products in this very special cooking demonstration and tasting. “For our home-cured pancetta, we will use juniper in the process as a seasoning. We want to show our guests that the trees aren’t just here to look at—you can actually use them in the kitchen.” After walking guests through the process during a cooking class, Chef Linde will present several different examples of pancetta during the curing stages for a tasting.

Steelhead trout can be found along the entire Pacific coast. Growing up to 55 pounds, “stream-maturing” steelhead stay in freshwater all their lives. They’re also called rainbow trout. “Ocean-maturing” steelhead migrate, are slimmer and more silvery in color, and can grow larger than their freshwater counterparts. Part of the Salmonidae family, its flesh color and taste is similar to salmon.

“If I had to point to one dish that really shows what and who I am, it would be the House-Made Fennel Sausage and Veal Bolognese with Fresh Fettuccini.” Using farm-fresh eggs for the pasta and Carlton Farms’ pork shoulder to make the fennel sausage in-house, this dish exemplifies Chef Linde’s passion for homemade items using local ingredients. “As much as I change the menu, it’s still there!”

Juniper-Cured Salmon

3 to 3 1/2 lbs. center-cut King Salmon, skin on
1/4 lb. kosher salt
1/4 cup sugar
1 1/2 tablespoons coarsely ground black pepper
12 each juniper berries, crushed with back of knife
1 bunch dill, coarsely chopped
Split the salmon in half with a kitchen knife and remove the backbone.
Place half the salmon skin- side down in a 9 x 13-inch pan. Rub with the salt, sugar, pepper, and juniper berries.
Place dill on top of salmon mixture. Rub the other side of the salmon and place skin-side up on top
of the other half of salmon. Cover salmon with parchment paper and foil. Weigh down the salmon for 36 to 48 hours. When fish is firm to the touch, remove and rinse with water. Slice thin and serve with a bagel, cream cheese, red onion, and capers.

The flavor profile of the young, green berries is dominantly “pine” (think rosemary with a little lemon juice). While juniper berries are used both fresh and dried, their flavor and aroma are strongest immediately after harvest and decline during drying and storage. A key flavoring in gin, with their warming, stimulating and disinfecting actions, they also have many medicinal uses.

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